Our Testimonials

We would like to thank you for the lovely testimonials, all said and written. We really appreciate it.

Bahadeer’s Story

Bahadeer suffered from back pain which stopped him from walking for long periods of time and exercising. It also had an impact on his family prevented him from taking part in family days out. See Bahader’s in his own words describing how chiropractic care at ChiroFamily Practice (Derby chiropractor) helped him with his back pain. See his full review on our Facebook page.

Alice’s Story

Alice suffered from migraines since she was a young girl. During migraine attacks, she used to lock herself up in a dark room, was unable to drive, was seeing flashing lights, and was feeling noxious. This used to happen 3-5 times a week lasting the whole day. This has significantly impacted her life at school and social lifestyle. Alice was taking three different types of medication, some for migraine prevention and others for dealing with the pain. After a course of chiropractic care (Chiropractor Derby), her migraines have reduced to once a week and only lasting a couple of hours. See her full review on our Facebook page.

Amrit’s Story

As a 14 years old boy, Amrit’s main concern was playing football and games with his friends. His mum was concerned about the number of falls he had and poor posture that was not getting better with age. Upon assessment, we found Amrit’s foot was turning inwards on walking and that he suffered problems in his lower back making it uncomfortable to sit or stand straight for prolonged periods of time. Not only did Amrit’s gait improve, balance and coordination got better, trips and falls stopped, his mum also noticed that the constant fidgeting also ended. He is now calmer, more comfortable, and has no more problems with correct walking. His mum is very happy considering she no longer has to remind her boy to sit straight.

Neal’s Story
Neal has been diagnosed with discs herniation and had been suffering from intolerable pain for over three years. Neal has had physiotherapy and spinal injection with not much more than 2 weeks of relief. His job had been affected to the point where he had to be off sick for over three months. After having his free spine check at one of our events, Neal decided to have a consultation and course of chiropractic adjustments. After two months Neal finally got back to work, after further two months he has no more pain, he is fully functional for the first time in three years and his spinal operation has been canceled. “My occupational therapist cannot believe the change” – Neal says.

Gill’s Story

Gill’s story is just one of the many amazing success stories we have at our practice. I am 62 years old and have always had poor posture. Over the last few years my posture has gotten much worse so that at times, I can hardly stand up straight, feeling particularly tired and sore between my shoulder blades and lower back. My balance was quite poor too. My husband found Dr. Ewa Lobato’s chiropractic practice (Chiropractor) on the internet, it had good reviews so I made an appointment for an assessment. I have found everyone very friendly and have been impressed with the care Dr. Ewa has taken with her diagnosis, giving a print-out of the problems and how long it would take to improve. My progress is reviewed every month with more print-outs for comparison. If you are serious about improving your health, I would recommend that you invest in Dr. Ewa’s chiropractic care!



Tension & Inability to Relax – Red‘s Story 

When we first met Red last year he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. He was having meltdowns pretty much every day. It was very hard for his mom and dad as they hated to see their child struggle. “My husband and I took Red to Dr Ewa in October 2018. Our son is 6 years old and had been suffering from anxiety issues since he was a baby. Over time the anxiety had become much more prevalent and was manifesting into certain behavioral issues and inability to stay relaxed. Dr Ewa (Derby Chiropractor) was able to identify through a scan of Red’s areas that may benefit from her intervention and spinal alignment. The areas she felt required work align with some of the issues my son was facing. Over a period of weeks, we began to see a difference in our sons’ behaviours. Nearly 4 months later Red is much improved. His behavioral issues have all but gone. He is able to manage and recognise his challenging behaviours and deal with them. He is happy and healthy in mind and body.

Andy’s Story

Sciatica and Disc Herniation is our weekly “bread and butter”. Most patients suffering from a disc herniation (aka slipped disk) have their life temporarily put on hold. Andy has had his disk herniated very late in his life and it really affected his life. He could not drive to work, he had to stop playing sports, and had a big issue getting in and out of the car. He ended up walking on a walking stick as the pain of bearing weight onto his leg was unbearable. Here is Andy’s Story in his own words: “During September 2018 I damaged my back cleaning a deck in the garden. Initially, I had severe muscle spasms in my back, which made it very difficult to perform simple tasks, such as getting in and out of the car, putting on shoes and socks, and so on. I needed crutches to get around for 6 weeks and during that period the back spasms ceased, then the muscle spasms and general pain were focused on my right leg. A scan at ChiroFamilyPractice (Chiropractor in Derby) confirmed that I had a slipped disc, causing the sciatic nerve to be trapped. With continuing chiropractic treatment I began to notice a gradual improvement. I had not played badminton, or golf, from September until January 1st, much to my frustration. I played golf on the 1st and actually played better than I had for some considerable time. Now I am back to playing golf and badminton weekly, with only a slight pain in my leg. I believe that the regular adjustments (Chiropractic Derby) enabled my body to deal with the disc problem and significantly speeded up my recovery, avoiding the need for surgery. Best wishes, Andy”


Anna’s Story

It would not be an exaggeration to say that I feel like a different person/body since beginning chiropractic care. Dr. Ewa’s approach is to ensure that you understand how chiropractic works and therefore what changes your body is experiencing in order to become more mindful of how your body functions. She explains everything to empower you to go and comprehend/assist these changes as well as complimentary aftercare which extends beyond the adjustments. It was revelatory to learn that present issues could be the result of something as long ago as my birth, which enabled me to evaluate past activities, habits, and pivotal life moments in order to reacquaint myself with the experiences of my body. My issues prevented me from sleeping, sitting, and standing comfortably; now I have an increased level of connectivity and awareness throughout my body and I can better sense if there is an issue because I now know what balance and wellness feel like. Thank you for the ongoing education and restoration! See the full video review on our Facebook Page.