New Patients

New Patients

Chiro Family Practice is a relaxed, energetic and fun place with an open floor plan, we welcome patients of all age. You’ll see people of all ages at our practice who are happy, smiling and enjoying the many benefits of our chiropractic care!

Your first visit

At your first visit, we want to determine if this is the right place for you to be. You’ll get a tour, meet our team and watch a brief introduction video that explains chiropractic. Then, you’ll have a consultation with Dr Eva Lobato. We’ll discuss what’s brought you in and why you’ve chosen to get help today. Next, it’s time to start our homework. We’ll scan your body with advanced, neurology-based technology to identify any areas of problem. Then, we’ll analyse your results to determine if your goals are attainable and if nerve interference is the cause. We want to take some time to study your results and welcome you back for a follow-up if we’ve determined we can help you. Depending on whether you’ve completed your paperwork and brought it in with you completed, this visit takes 45-60 minutes. More information about the technology we use you may find in this document below.

SEMG Technology

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Report of Findings

When you return, you’ll sit down with your chiropractor to discuss:

  • The possible causes of your problem
  • Decide on the best approach
  • Discuss the possible duration
  • Explain what the investment in your health will be

The decision is then up to you.

Are you ready to make a commitment and move forward? If not, we’ll thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you what your life would be like with chiropractic care. If you choose to, you’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment. This appointment takes 20-30 minutes. To schedule an appointment, call us today.

Regular Visits

After the investment of time needed on the first and second visits, many patients become concerned that every visit will be of equal length.

In a word: no.

A typical visit may require just a few, highly-focused, minutes. But don’t think the brevity of a regular visit lessens its value! With the groundwork laid, we can quickly size up your spine and nervous system, adjust you and get you on your way. Like a regular workout at the gym, each visit builds on the ones before. Miss a visit and we can lose the momentum necessary to make the needed changes. We recognise your time is valuable. We do everything possible to run on time and minimise the impact on your busy life.

Beginners guide

Initial Consultation – what will happen

Report of Findings

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