Frequently asked questions

During my experience of work as a Chiropractor I’ve heard our customers asking many similar questions… Here I’ve compiled a top 10 list of the most frequently asked ones!

What are the side effects?

There are very few risks or side effects associated with chiropractic care. In fact, most people feel some immediate improvement after their first treatment. If your chiropractor foresees any potential for an adverse reaction, then treatment will obviously be modified. Alternatively, you will be considered inappropriate for this particular type of care and referred to either your GP or a relevant specialist.

Occasionally some people experience a little soreness after their initial treatment, some temporary light-headedness can occur and rarely a headache can be evoked. All of these symptoms generally pass very quickly.

Will the treatment hurt?

In the main no! Occasionally with very acute presentations the process can cause some mild discomfort momentarily.

By the way, if this approach makes as much sense to you as it does to us, we’d like an opportunity to meet you and discuss your options in person.

Can We Help You?

Please explore our information-rich chiropractic site so you fully understand what chiropractic is, what chiropractors do and what you can expect in our Derby clinic.

Is it safe to be adjusted while pregnant?

Absolutely! In fact, chiropractic care is very beneficial during pregnancy. Not only does it allow for the mother to feel her best throughout the entire process but by balancing the nervous system, relieving stress, improving pelvic alignment and decreasing any tightness in the pelvic muscles/ligaments it can prepare a mother for her best labor yet!

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