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Dr Ewa Lobato, Doctor of Chiropractic

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I have not always knew I wanted to be a chiropractor.

In 2005 I have fell into the manual therapies by doing the degree in Spa Management in Buxton. It was there where I first learned about the human body and the muscles.

After completion of my degree I have moved to Portland, Dorset, were I had an opportunity to work with sailing Olympic teams in 2012.  Working with athletes encouraged me to look deeper into sports massage. After opening my practice in Derby in 2011 I have soon found my limitation as massage therapist and moved on to another training as a chiropractor. Studding at McTimoney college of Chiropractic took 5 long years and a lot of traveling between Derby and Abingdon. After completion, I have opened ChiroFamilyPractice providing chiropractic and working alongside with Massage Therapy Derby.

Through the many years of experience and the understanding of how body works, I have derived different philosophy and now focusing on human neurology. I am using one of the kind technology that allows me to look into people’s nervous system and link it to their overall wellbeing. It also allows me to understand why the injury, condition or wellbeing is not improving and why it is “stuck on”. By working with body’s own capability of healing I have managed to confidently adjust all patients achieving amazing results that modern medicine could not accomplish.


If you are feeling “stuck on” and not getting anywhere with your condition please feel free to contact us for a chat or consultation, so we can decide how we can help you.


Dr Ewa Lobato

Doctor of Chiropractic