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Your Spinal and Body Health Experts in Derby

All of our clinical team have university-validated Health Care Degrees and Doctorates in other science-related fields. We are all Certified Spinal Specialists. We also have team members who have Master’s Degrees in spinal manipulation as well as the only few UK spinal therapists to to have had the privilege of training with Dr. Steve A. Hoffman (USA) founder of Mastering spinal manipulation with Certainty (MC2) with over 37 years of experience in the chiropractic field. Dr Hoffman developed the MC2 technique (the main technique we use in our practice) with a focus on correcting nervous system imbalances directly, which then corrects the structural distortions. MC2 is the most specific, targeted, and gentlest application of adjustment a patient can experience hence why we see patients ranging from 3 months old to 91 years of age.

“A passion for true health and wellbeing”

I always had a passion for biology & wellbeing since I can remember and in 2005 graduated with a degree in Spa Management in Buxton. It was there that I first learned about the impact of different therapies on the human body and the muscles. After completion of my degree, I moved to Portland, Dorset, where I worked with the sailing Olympic teams during 2012.  Working with professional athletes encouraged me to look deeper into sports massage.

After successfully opening a sports massage practice in Derby I found limitations as a massage therapist and decided to expand my skillset by becoming a spinal health specialist. Studying at McTimoney College of Chiropractic took 5 long years and a lot of traveling between Derby and Abingdon. Chiro Family Practice with a focus on providing gentle spinal and body care for symptoms ranging from back pain to sciatica as well as general aches and pains.

I am one of the very few practitioners of MC2 in the UK, one of the most highly respected adjusting techniques, as it pinpoints precise neurological imbalance and helps the bodywork better to heal itself from specific symptoms and focus on the patient’s wellbeing. See more on specific pages:

. Osteoarthritis | Knee | Shoulder

. Headaches | Migraines

. Back Pain | Sciatica

. Poor Posture | Scoliosis

If you are feeling “stuck on” and not getting anywhere with your condition please feel free to contact us for a chat or consultation, so we can decide how we can help you.

Ewa Lobato (Spinal Specialist ) 

“A Healthcare system that focuses on “parts of the puzzle” & “pain” rather than looking at the patient as a whole”

I hold 2 degrees (Beng/Meng combined Kings College London) and a Doctorate in Engineering (University of Birmingham). In 2018 during sessions related to my spinal health with different “health care experts”,I started asking the question….. why is everyone obsessed with pain and painkillers & quick symptom relief and no one appears to be explaining to patients what the true “root cause of their aches and pains are”?

I decided to leave my corporate engineering career and focus on understanding the root cause of why our body becomes imbalanced by looking at a patient as a “whole” rather than pieces of what is a complex puzzle. Imbalances are what lead the body to a state of Dysfunction which in turn causes compensation, and eventually pains and aches. I became an expert in insight CLA scanning technology (Neurological scans that form part of your initial assessment) and developed my thorough assessment of a patient’s “whole” state of mobility and function comprising of the following tests:

  • Digital posture – your posture is still a great indicator of disfunction
  • Neurological scans of spine and nervous system resilience (HRV)
  • Neurological assessment (patient-specific)
  • Kinesiology assessment (patient-specific)
  • Spinal assessment including Orthopedic testing (patient-specific)

To enable me to fully assess overall body compensations responsible for aches/pains/restrictions I became qualified and insured in the following techniques:

Kinesiology – Touch for health Lvl. 4 

Mctimoney College of Chiropractic – Completed 2 years

Spinal & Body Manipulation Techniques Whole spine (including pelvis + sacrum + knees + feet) – John Gibbons body master Lvl.1

OMT Lvl. 2 (Pelvis, Feet, Whole spine including Cervical high-velocity manipulation).

Sports Massage Therapy Lvl. 3 

Graston Technique

MC2Dr. Steve Hoffman (USA – Chiropractic neurological spinal instrument adjusting)

Magnetic Therapy Diploma


Hugo Lobato – Spine & Kinesiology specialist


Neither Ewa Lobato and Hugo Lobato hold themselves out as or to be a Chiropractor. Whilst Ewa Lobato has qualifications (master’s degree in chiropractic) she is not a registered chiropractor but as a wellness expert and specialist can offer to clients services wider in scope which include the provision of non-invasive structural rehabilitation of the spine, functional rehabilitation of the nerve system and education in the latest sciences of nutrition, exercise, emotional wellbeing and health care. Accordingly, nothing on this website or in any literature or in any conversations relating to the services offered or provided should or are to be read construed or understood as holding out in any way that Ewa Lobato is a registered chiropractor and any client accepts any services and consultancy provided strictly with that knowledge and on that understanding.

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