Gentle spinal care for children - allows to relax and unwind…

Gentle spinal care for children - allows to relax and unwind…

From birth trauma to everyday bumps and falls spinal care offers natural drug-free solutions to keep your children developing at full potential! spinal care adjustments re-align the spine, taking the pressure off the nerves which allows your child’s body to begin to heal itself. It is therefore essential for your child’s health and smooth growth to consult with a spinal care specialist and have regular chiropractic check-ups.

Here are some of the signs that spinal care might be an effective treatment option:

  • Complaints of continual or recurring neck or back pain,
  • Limited head or neck mobility,
  • Uneven shoulders,
  • Compensating when they stand or walk, or
  • Irregular sleep patterns.

Spinal care benefits. Many parents notice change after chiropractic care and report:

  • improved posture and coordination
  • improved sleep, digestion and nursing in infants
  • improved concentration,
  • better connection and perception of their environment

When is the best time to have my child checked?

A parent’s concern is always the first sign that treatment might be required. Young bodies are usually flexible and resilient. Throughout childhood, they take a lot of falls and bumps without much difficulty. Yet, some minor adjustments along the way can help your child grow strong and pain-free.

To restore balance and ‘unwind’ tension after challenging birth

Since spinal dysfunctions can occur at, or prior to birth, many parents choose to have their newborn’s spine checked right after birth.

To optimise nervous system development and help to reach certain milestones

If they are suffering from any health challenges, have them checked as soon as possible to see if they can be helped naturally and drug-free.

To avoid future health issues | The modern child and teenager

A forward head posture is on the rise in children due to the increased use of TV, social media and a sedentary lifestyle. This forward head posture places greater stress on the upper back and neck, which causes other postural changes and spinal problems. It is of vital importance that teenagers are checked to prevent problems that can continue into adulthood.

Spinal care for children – safe alternative medicine

Spinal care specialists are highly trained health professionals practicing a methodology which has been used to treat common childhood issues for over a hundred years. Some parents wonder if spinal manipulation is safe for children – while this is a fair question its important to keep in mind that the pressure applied during spinal manipulation is proportionate to the size and age of the person being adjusted – therefore, a chiropractor uses only very gentle pressure to perform an adjustment in a child. In fact, many young children and babies can be adjusted without them even noticing!

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