Amazing, Awesome, Brilliant, Fantastic, Don't think people just do! - Patient's Story with Back Pain

Amazing, Awesome, Brilliant, Fantastic, Don't think people just do! - Patient's Story with Back Pain

Years of chronic Back pain are over. There are no words to accurately show how utterly and truly grateful I and my family are, for what Ewa and Hugo have done for me, By nothing less than giving me my life back. It sounds dramatic, but its 100% true. If you continue to read below and if this is you, please seriously do not hesitate and book a visit. It will change your life.

In 2017 I suffered 2 Prolapsed discs in L5 S1 region of my lower back. For 5 years suffered CHRONIC back pain with constant electric shocks down my legs. I was barely able to work, coming home some days hardly able to walk or even stand. My wife had to help me dress and put on my footwear. She had to help me dry myself after a shower and even shave. On a good day I couldn’t walk for more than maybe 15 minutes without having to sit and rest, and as for being able to pick my children up to give them a cuddle, well, it was out of the question.

It took its toll on my mental health too, as I was diagnosed with severe depression. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, frustrated. My dignity and confidence had gone. The overall impacted on my whole life and the lives of my family was enormous.

After having had operations, maxing out the dosage limits on 6 different pain medications, countless and very painful cortisone and epidural injections, seeing several different physio therapists, sports therapists and other chiropractors I had given up.

“That’s it.” I said to myself “I’ve tried everything and nothing works so this is my life”. This was at the beginning on this year, 2023.

Then my wife told me about Chiro Family Practice who had being highly recommend by a work colleague. I just thought it was just going to be another chiropractor with the same story. I was extremely reluctant to go, however with some persuasion from my wife, I did, and it was the best thing I have ever done. (Except marrying my wife)

This isn’t just a click, clack, crack type of chiropractors, They use some alternative techniques too. Now I’m a very sceptical, quite analytical man. I need to understand how and why things work. So when it comes to alternative medical treatment i wasn’t holding out any hopes to “any of the voodoo mumbo jumbo stuff”. That said I thought of what I was told myself above. So what exactly did i have to lose? So I opened my mind and took in everything I was told, and I embraced everything. I’m not going into detail as I wouldn’t do it justice. What I will say is WOW.

Immediately, and I mean after my very first session, I felt something had changed for the better, and it continued to get better and better and better. I had 3 sessions per week, totalling 24 sessions. I have no idea how and why some of the treatment works, but honestly, I don’t care how it works. I’m just grateful that it did.

Because of the astonishing people that are Ewa and Hugo, at the end of April, my family and I were able to go on holiday to Disney World Florida. (For those who haven’t been lucky enough to visit, I use this as an example of how much better I am as the parks are enormous).For 2 weeks, visiting the parks every other day. I was able to comfortably walk around at my pace without the need to rest every 15 mins, I didn’t go on all the rides to be safe but that’s not my thing anyway, but to be able to be with my family and see the look on my children’s faces and be able to pick them up to see things better. The feeling was just out of this world. I felt no, I feel a different man. My wife has her husband back, and my children have their father back.

My whole life, every little aspect, has changed for the better, It would take me all day to tell you everything. So I will finish by saying this.

To Hugo and Ewa, Words just aren’t enough to express my thanks. I am externally grateful for what you have given back to me.

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