Red's Story - Tension & Inability to Relax

Red's Story - Tension & Inability to Relax

When we first met Red last year he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, inability to relax. He was having meltdowns pretty much every day. It was very hard for his mom and dad as they hated to see their child struggle.

“My husband and I took Red to Dr Ewa in October 2018. Our son is 6 years old and had been suffering from anxiety issues since he was a baby. Over time the anxiety had become much more prevalent and was manifesting into certain behavioural issues and inability to stay relaxed.

Dr Ewa (Derby Chiropractor) was able to identify through a scan of Red’s areas that may benefit from her intervention and spinal alignment. The areas she felt required work align with some of the issues my son was facing. Over a period of weeks, we began to see a difference in our sons’ behaviours. Nearly 4 months later Red is much improved. His behavioural issues have all but gone. He is able to manage and recognise his challenging behaviours and deal with them. He is happy and healthy in mind and body.

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