Gill's Story - Posture and Mobility Issues

Gill's Story - Posture and Mobility Issues


Gill’s story is just one of the many amazing success stories we have at our practice. I am 62 years old and have always had poor posture. Over the last few years my posture has gotten much worse so that at times, I can hardly stand up straight, feeling particularly tired and sore between my shoulder blades and lower back. My balance was quite poor too.

My husband found Dr. Ewa Lobato’s chiropractic practice (Chiropractor) on the internet, it had good reviews so I made an appointment for an assessment. I have found everyone very friendly and have been impressed with the care Dr. Ewa has taken with her diagnosis, giving a print-out of the problems and how long it would take to improve. My progress is reviewed every month with more print-outs for comparison. If you are serious about improving your health, I would recommend that you invest in Dr. Ewa’s chiropractic care!

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