A journey to straight spine and good posture - patient's story

A journey to straight spine and good posture - patient's story

When Rob came to our clinic he had a number of symptoms and tension across most of his back due to poor posture. Posture and neurological scans are a key part of our initial assessment because they help us understand what is driving compensation and dysfunction in the body. 

First Initial Scan

The initial posture assessment indicated ~ 3.8 inches head forward. That means that the relative weight of the head is much heavier (~50kg) which over time can lead to compensation and dysfunction.

A key part of treating patients in our practice is to understand which technique the patient will respond better to and in this case we mainly used the  Integrator Technique.

As well as adjustments we provided Rob with advice on lifestyle changes required in order to sustain the changes.

1st Progress Scan

After 5 months of treatment. Posture picture showed 2.9 and improvement of almost 1 inch when compared with the original posture.

Reassessing where a patient is in their journey is a key part of how we work because we need to be as objective as possible about the changes happening. We always re-scan as part of our re-assessment to see what is changing and why. 

We have continued to use Integrator for his adjustments. We added breathing exercises and have advised reducing coffee intake. We have reduced the frequency of visits.

2nd Progress Scan

After 12 weeks the posture improved to 1.4 inch.ward, the posture improved to 1.4 inch.

The frequency of visits was reduced again.

Last Scan before Wellness Phase

After 16 weeks Rob’s posture stabilised at 1.2 inches and improvement of 2.6 inches against the original assessment.

Some of the improvements Rob found during his journey so far:

  • Back relief.
  • Reduced headaches.
  • Improved confidence due to better posture

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