Mind-Body Green Hydration Smoothie

Mind-Body Green Hydration Smoothie

Paradoxically, clean water is not the best to hydrate. This is good news for everyone who doesn’t like its taste. Delicious and healthy smoothies will be much more effective. It is worth drinking them, especially now in summer.

This cocktail hydrates better than three glasses of water

The conclusions reached by scientists from the University of St. Andrews. They announced that drinking water was not the most effective way to stay hydrated, as it lacked ingredients such as salt, sugar and fat to improve hydration. Milk is better because of the fats, proteins and sugars it contains. Sodium and potassium also contribute to better hydration.

Try the method suggested by the integrative medicine doctor Dr. Dana Cohen. She recommends that her patients drink one cup of smoothie a day. She explains that this shake may prove to be more hydrating than three glasses of water.


. half an apple, (you may replace it with watermelon)

. half a cucumber,

. two tablespoons of chia seeds,

. juice from half a lemon,

. a piece of ginger,

. a glass of green vegetables (spinach or kale)

. two glasses of coconut water. 


Blend all ingredients in the blender, if it’s too thick add water/ice.

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