How can spinal care impact tension and inability to relax?

How can spinal care impact tension and inability to relax?

Spinal care impact. Tension and an inability to relax can affect us in different ways. This can range from tension in specific parts of the body to our quality of sleep and energy levels.

One of the cases we had in our practice was a young lady that had developed a form of facial paralysis due to tension and inability to relax.

After our assessment which included specific neurological tests, we made a recommendation of care to help the patient with tension in the shoulder and neck region. Throughout their care plan, we also focused on supporting the patients with techniques that could tackle the inability to relax, which included:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation
  • Change in nutrition.

As we progressed through the care plan, we started noticing that as well as improvement in tension and inability to relax the facial paralysis started to also improve.

This was an interesting outcome as it showed that potentially by treating the root cause (tension and inability to relax) other symptoms also started to improve. See her amazing transformation in the video below:

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