“Grow Up!”  said Ewa. But I’m 91 years old! - Elderly Patient's Story

“Grow Up!”  said Ewa. But I’m 91 years old! - Elderly Patient's Story

I was persuaded to see Ewa by my daughter. She and I live together now and have done for about 8 years. We moved in together when my husband of 60 years became ill and needed extra support. Well actually, I did too but I don’t like to admit it! His needs were more personal and physical and mine emotional and practical. My daughter has always done practical things and can be relied upon to do any sort of job around the house and deal with emergencies.

I have always been quite independent and don’t like to be a nuisance to anyone. I walk my dog daily, do my own housework and keep myself looking younger than my 91 years. You’ll never catch me out without my make-up or a clean handkerchief! I’ve got a silver Honda and have been driving ever since 1955! Not the Honda obviously, but that I’ve had for 17years – it’s still going strong – almost like me. I do my own shopping too, Sainsbury’s, Boots and M and S. On a good day, I walk around TK Max too.

A few years back, on one of my trips to the park I was chatting with friends – in a group – all of us with dogs. A springer spaniel did just that. He sprang up behind me and caught the back of my knee. Down I went and caught the first bone break I’d had in my life. Three years on and I was dog walking again – not so much fun this time – slippy mud was my undoing. Down I went again and broke a shoulder.

Oh boy – now I’m feeling my age! I have a weak wrist and a weak shoulder. I’ve lost confidence in walking far and have to look down at my feet for reassurance I won’t trip. Driving? Not for me…it’s hard to turn and look over my shoulder, my neck is stiff and makes a creaking noise I think everyone can hear. 

Lockdown has limited my adventures to street walks and the occasional trip to the park in my daughter’s car with her. Her husband does my shopping, she does the washing because I can’t lift the weight to the clothesline.

I was persuaded to see Ewa by my daughter. Ewa met me at home first. She smiled and said she could do lots for me. I’m thinking – how at my age – by magic? But I am polite as always and agree to go to the clinic. 

“We will have you walking tall again. I’ve got all the time in the world – don’t hurry.” – said Ewa.

And she watched me struggle to turn over, this way and that. It was a full-body workout for me – Ewa continued to smile. I’ve done everything I’m told (that has been instilled in me since I was knee-high to a grasshopper). I have an exercise routine, must sit properly and not slouch or cross my legs. I might be out of breath sometimes when I get up the stairs at the clinic, but I walk up one step ahead of the other – none of the old two feet per step business. Last week I came down the same way.

Yesterday I drove to the park in my own car! I can turn to check the traffic at junctions. I look ahead and not at my feet when I walk. I hold the dog when he pulls to meet his friends, without fear of falling over.

‘Grow up!’ Yes, I have! I’m taller than I was two years ago because I’m straighter. I’m taller because I feel better and can hold my head high – who’d have thought I would be lying on the floor doing crunches, driving a car, watering the greenhouse, and walking the dog… at 91!! 

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