Spinal care, because adulting is hard...

Spinal care, because adulting is hard...

Being an adult is not easy. As you move through the stages of your life, you will invariably learn that things aren’t always as they are cracked up to be. As amazing as life can be, there are also harsh truths that you tend not to acknowledge until they are staring you in the face. Consider yourself warned about these ten facts you will have to deal with as you become a full-fledged adult. And remember whenever you feel tensions in life and feel unable to relax, our Spinal Care Wellness Centre is here for you.

1. You’re not invincible – Pick your battles. Just because you can jump from the roof to your garden does not mean you should.
2. Patience is a virtue – The more able you are to wait for the good things in life, the better they will be. Slow down
3. You are responsible for yourself – I know that’s shocking.
4. Your metabolism is slower – Learn to cook some healthy meals. Run regularly. Your body will thank you.
5. You will lose touch with people – Your real, best friends will stick around but quite a lot of people will fade in the background. It is a natural process, do not get depressed, appreciate those who will stay.
6. You will work for/with people you do not like. – Learning how to be assertive, resilient is important as much as being kind and humble. Stay positive and all will be fine.
7. Your interests will change. – Suddenly you may find out that watching a show about how people renovating houses is the best entertainment for you. Just embrace it and have fun.
8. The world won’t slow down for you. – It is harsh but it is true. It moves quickly. Stay connected.
9. You will have less free time for yourself. – Life is about relationships and experiences never forget that. Less time for yourself does not mean your life is empty.
10. Things will get monotonous. – That’s the trap. Make a conscious effort to seek out new things and to spice things up.

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