Easing Carpal Tunnel Pain

Easing Carpal Tunnel Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is what is known as a “repetitive stress injury” and is the result of pressure on the median nerve. Commonly caused by repetitive motions such as typing, cleaning, and assembly line work, it often presents as pain and numbness in the hand and wrist. As it progresses, it can greatly impact daily activities.

Here are a few tips for easing carpal tunnel pain:

1. Take frequent breaks from repetitive work to rest your hands.

2.  Apply ice to reduce inflammation and swelling.

3. Wear a wrist splint.

4. Avoid activities that aggravate symptoms (if possible)


If you are experiencing carpal tunnel pain, come in for a visit. We can discuss stretches and other non-invasive therapies, such as instrument-assisted therapy and or adjustments to restricted joints in the neck and wrist, that may help.

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