Meditation: Myth or Magic?

Meditation: Myth or Magic?

Meditation seems to be fast gaining popularity. It seems that every health guru, magazine, and Instagram influencer is telling us to get with the programme and make meditation a part of our daily routine.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Meditation is being hailed as one of the best ways to reduce stress, improve energy levels, increase focus, control pain, improve sleep and promote good mental health. But is meditation really the magic it is marketed as? In short, yes. There is scientific evidence that meditation can do all these things. In a review of 12 studies, they found that multiple meditation styles increased attention, memory, and mental quickness in older volunteers.

Another study of 996 volunteers found that when they meditated by concentrating on a “silent mantra” they reduced blood pressure by an average of five points. Whether you are suffering from stress and anxiety or poor energy and difficulty sleeping, meditation is a safe, simple, and effective way to improve your mental and physical health.


One common misconception about meditation is that it is all about sitting still and quiet and emptying the mind. In fact, there are many different types of meditation – some involved sitting still and quiet, others incorporate movements such as tai chi or some forms of yoga. So, do not be put off if you find one style of meditation is not for you – there are plenty of others to try.


Although meditation is easy to do once you know-how, most beginners find it is best to start with a guided meditation. There is a whole range of resources available from apps such as Headspace, Brain Tap and Insight Timer, to YouTube videos, online courses, and MP3 downloads too.  a resource that is easy for you to use and has a style that resonates with you.

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