5 simple ways to reduce headaches and migraines

5 simple ways to reduce headaches and migraines



1: Drink Plenty of Water.

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of headaches and can be a contributing factor in migraines too. It is thought that even just a 2% reduction of water in the brain can cause headaches! Many people are chronically dehydrated and do not even realise it. If you are a headache or migraine sufferer (or even if you are not!) try to drink between 1.5-2 litres of water each day.

2: Avoid Known Triggers.

Many migraine sufferers have triggers that can bring on a migraine attack. The most common include chocolate, wine, cheese, sulphites, and coffee. If you are a migraine sufferer keep a food diary. Log everything you eat and drink and look out for any patterns, so you can avoid the foods that could be triggering your migraines.

3: Take A Magnesium Supplement.

Studies have shown that magnesium supplements can help reduce the frequency and severity of headaches and migraines. Magnesium is an essential nutrient, but thanks to over-farming and the poor-quality, western diet it’s thought that around 75% of people don’t meet their daily requirement through food alone. Supplements have been shown to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks by up to 41%.

4: Get Adjusted.

Chiropractic is not just for bad backs. When your spine is out of alignment it can interfere with the nerves running from your spinal cord out to the rest of your body. Getting regularly adjusted can help your central nervous system to function properly and could help reduce or alleviate headaches and migraines.

5: Reduce Your Stress Levels.

Stress is a huge contributor to headaches and migraines, so it is essential that you keep your stress levels in check. For most people, daily life is stressful – whether that is from working, juggling a family or other stressful situation. So, if you are adding to your stress every day, it makes sense to work on reducing it each day too. Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and with the many meditation apps available it can be quick and easy too.


These tips are great ways to prevent headaches and migraines, but what can you do when disaster strikes? What can you do to ease the pain and encourage a faster recovery?

What to do when the headaches or migraine strikes?

  • Use Hot & Cold Compresses

Heat and ice can help ease the pain of a headache or migraine attack. Try putting a hot water bottle on your feet and an ice pack on your head or neck.

  • Rest & Dim the lights 

Bright lights can aggravate headache or migraine pain. If you can, try laying down in a darkened room and rest until the pain passes. If you cannot rest, then turn o any bright lights in the room you’re in and avoid looking at screens if possible.

  • Drink Some Water

Sometimes all it takes to relieve a headache is a glass of water! If you think you could be dehydrated, try drinking a large glass of water.


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