Water has a memory...

Water has a memory...

A Japanese researcher embarked on a study to see the effect of human consciousness on the molecular makeup of water. In front of one glass of water, he wrote the words: love, compassion, thank you, truth, peace, gratitude, humility, and beauty. In front of the other: words such as greed, hate, fear, and envy. After a while, the structure of the crystals in each glass of water was carefully examined and the results were astonishing…

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The crystals in the water with the negative thoughts were mangled and distorted whilst the crystals in the water with positive thoughts were
beautiful and ordered.

Consider then, if our body is 60-70% water, what does that mean for physical health if we focus on negativity and think negativity thoughts. You truly become what you think and believe to be true.

Now, more than ever you need to protect yourself from mistruths, propaganda and fear-inducing (people/situations), and to that end, you need to create a positive mental attitude.


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