Home Office Set Up

Home Office Set Up

Tips to Make Working from Home Less of a Pain

Many people have been asked to set up a home office with little or no notice – without a proper desk and office equipment to do so.  But beware, hours spent hunching over a coffee table or sunken into a couch puts your body in an awkward posture which can result in injury.  Here are some tips to help combat the stress and strain of your new work environment so that working from home does not become a literal pain in the neck, back, and shoulders.

  1. Dedicate a space of your home to your “home office”. Consider storage requirements and accessories such as printers and paper shredders.
  2. Ensure you have natural light in your office set-up. A SAD Lamp is a great way of boosting the equivalent of natural light into your working space. Declutter your desk/working area.
  3. Get a few home plants to help create a better working environment
  4. Take frequent breaks and drink enough water
  5. Do you need to be seated to do your work? If not, why not stand up while taking a conference call? standing desks are a great compromise. Ensure monitor is at eye level. As most businesses issue laptops, it may be worth investing in a separate monitor and keyboard as it will help your ideal set up.
  6. While seating ensure your feet are flat on the ground and in front of your knees
  7. Office chairs: if you plan to work from home for some time ensure your chair has a level of adjustability or consider a “back friend”
  8. Desk: Ensure your desk is high enough so your legs can fit under it
  9. Ensure your monitor is roughly arm’s length away from your seated position
  10. If your work requires frequent phone calls while using the laptop/PC perhaps invest in a set of headphones

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